Ruta de Aprendizaje: Women Empowerment, New Businesses and Sustainable Natural Resource Management in Nepal

Institución que Convoca: PROCASUR

The experience has been developed in collaboration with:

Leasehold Forest and Livestock Programme (LFLP)
Programme Alleviation Fund (PAF)
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
PROCASUR Corporation

From the 13 to the 21 of SeptemberApril, the Learning Route will be hosted by the Devitar Leasehold Forest User Groups cluster in Shaktikhor, Chitwan district, by the Pragatishil Agriculture Cooperative Ltd, of Bijuwa village in district of Kapilvastu and by the Kalpasriksha Co-operative and the Leasehold Forest Users Inter-Groups in Rayale V.D.C., Kavre district.

These experiences are demonstrating success in generating new opportunities for the rural poor to develop and diversify their livelihoods, increasing biodiversity, strengthening networking and establishing pro-rural poor Private and Public Partnerships and in mainstreaming gender. The leadership role of women in the establishment and management of Saving and Credit Groups and the involvement of Dalit, Janajati and other socially marginalised groups have been crucial; women have been increasingly empowered, mainly through their role in household decision-making and their increased role in leadership positions within communities. The formation of Savings and Credit Groups has lead to the formation of Co-operatives themselves. The establishment of Public Private Partnership targeting poverty reduction has secured communities’ access to markets and, in turn, promoted the diversification of livelihoods.

A first implementation of the Learning Route was carried out in April 2013 involving a group of 37 people.

Following the success of this initiative, a second version will take place from 13th to 21st September 2013.

Nepali and international rural development practitioners are invited to participate.

Download the Learning Route call, application form and endorsement letter:

  1. Learning Route call
  2. Application Form
  3. Endorsement Letter


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